5 Ways To Play The BoneTown Adult Video Game

Option 1 - Play The FREE BoneTown Adult Mini Game Satan VS Jesus

Play the FREE BoneTown mini game Satan vs Jesus below. You decide, are you feeling good or evil, you can be Satan or you can be Jesus in this crazy and fucked up free BoneTown flash game where your goal is to pick up the hot babe. Control the game using either the J,K,L or A,S,D keys and hit them fast, you'll soon get the gist! Don't let your opponent fill their bar or it's game over for you. Instead make sure that you get over 3000 points and you'll get the prize, a fuck fest!

Option 2 - FREE BoneTown Adult Video Game Trial Membership.

Get a FREE BoneTown adult sex game 3 day trial nowNot sure if the BoneTown adult video game is for you? Well you can now play online for free with a free BoneTown trial membership.

The trial gives you 3 days of playing BoneTown absolutely free then the monthly membership cost is $9.99. This is a fantastic way to try BoneTown and see if you like it (you will). Do you think you have what it takes to master all 13 levels of BoneTown in a month? If you do then this option is definitely the way to go as you can stay a member for longer if you don't quite make it.

Personally I think the lifetime option is fantastic as you can play when you want and as long as you want when you download the BoneTown game for just one payment of $34.99, this is what I did!!

Option 3 - Monthly BoneTown Adult Game Membership.

skip the FREE BoneTown trial and become a monthly memberIf you already know about BoneTown and what a fantastic adult game it is then why not join, membership is just $9.99 a month and is probably the best way if you want to play it quickly and are not bothered about being able to replay it to find all the items you couldn't find and achieve everything on all 13 levels.

The BoneTown sex game is extremely addictive (in a good way). No matter how often you tell yourself "I'll just play for an hour" I bet it will be longer. With all the sick humour, sex, fighting, drugs and alcohol why would you want to stop playing, so make sure you don't have other plans, kick back and enjoy all that BoneTown has to offer. Explore the hoods, fuck some chicks beat up some dudes and keep BoneTown free from the moralisation of "The Man Inc."

Option 4 - Buy The BoneTown Adult Game On DVD or For Instant Download.

Buy the BoneTown sex gameThis is the method I chose to get the fantastic BoneTown adult video game and would be my recommended method to buy BoneTown, but only if like me you want to play it to death!

This method of buying BoneTown is perfect if you want to play it forever because it works out so cheap, just $34.99 allows you to download the BoneTown game instantly and get playing.

This is also perfect if you have friends or family who love sex games, fighting games, adult game humour or politically incorrect games because for $39.99 you can buy it on DVD as an original gift (beats store vouchers or candles) for birthdays, christmas or just because you want them to experience BoneTown too.

Option 5 - Buy BoneTown & BoneCraft Together to Save Money

Buy the BoneTown & BoneCraft adult games togetherIf you haven't heard already then we are here to tell you that the creators of BoneTown also do another amazing game called BoneCraft you can now buy both of these amazing games together for one fantastic price saving you $10 on the cost of buying them both separately.

BoneCraft was released on the 12th January 2012 and if you order BoneCraft from here DDub will give you (for a limited time only) the limited edition ROBO-HO in the game for free. Don't miss out on what has to be the most awaited for adult game since BoneTown, and get your copies now.

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